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Hi All,

The info picket was a great super success!

About 20 people came out.

In two hours we handed out 2500 flyers!

Now 2500 students know more than they did yesterday!

This is a great beginning to our new year's outreach and mobilization!!!


note: As we only had 20 people, the group decided to give flyers out at the bus stop. mm
Excalibur has written an article about our information picket.

It is in the current issue, January 31, 2007, volume 41, issue 22.
(It is the issue with a reduce tution fees picture on front).

The online version is here:

If the above link does not work, then go to and search "cupe." It should be first article.

note: There are some minor facts and quotes that are incorrect or misquotes, but at least it is good positive coverage.