Thursday, December 13, 2007

CUPE 3903 Work to Rule Update - Dec 11th

To the membership of CUPE 3903,

This email is to keep you up-to-date on the status of the continuing work-to-rule campaign being undertaken by CUPE 3903 members at York University. Since the work-to-rule began on November 19th with the cessation of email communication by Unit 1 and 2 members with respect to their employment at York University, one of the two primary demands of the campaign has been meet. The punitive "June 2007 Times to Complete" policy and a toothless replacement policy intended to save face for the administration have both been soundly defeated. The administration has also begun to backpedal substantially on the summer and fall/winter bursaries, 'promising' to again reevaluate retroactively the amount given in Summer 2007 and set the current fall/winter bursary amount at about $500,000.
While these gains on the bursary issue sound substantial, the membership at the December 10th GMM felt that until the employer sits down at the table with CUPE 3903 representatives and commit in writing to the bursary for the future at levels that address the concerns of CUPE 3903 members and other recipients of this bursary, the work-to-rule campaign will continue. The membership of CUPE 3903 is committed to fighting for this bursary not only for current students, but for future members and graduate students as well. While the administration has repeatedly insisted that they are committed to dealing with the real needs of the members of CUPE 3903 - quality employment as part of a degree, student to faculty and staff ratios, a respectful and safe workplace, etc. - the actions of the employer in this regard show what substance is contained in these promises. The employer has at present continued to reject all talks with CUPE 3903 claiming that 'employee relations matters and academic matters' are unrelated. CUPE 3903 representatives will continue to press for a meeting with the employer at the soonest possible date, and will be putting forward a motion at Senate that seeks to force an intransigent administration to the table.
The status and possible escalating actions as part of this work-to-rule campaign will again be addressed at the next CUPE 3903 monthly GMM to be held in early January, and the CUPE 3903 executive will endeavour to keep you updated on any further actions in the meantime. Work-to-rule documents, pamphlets, and news as well as contact information can be found at the CUPE 3903 website.
In Solidarity
The Executive of CUPE 3903